Return/Refund Policy

This policy applies to all websites owned and operated by Advertising Element. 

All requests for returns must be made by contacting Customer Service at: 1-903-845-5581 (M-F, 9–6 CST) or by email to

Returns Acceptance Policy (Please Read before Requesting a return)

  • A return must be requested within 30 days of the invoice date.
  • A 10% Restocking Fee will be charged on all returns (other than for defective merchandise).
  • Special order items and discontinued items are not returnable
  • Return freight must be arranged by you for all returns.
  • Returned products must be in their original packaging (if custom packaging is applicable).
  • If you choose the Refund option, a credit will be made to your credit card on receipt of the returned product.
  • If you choose the Replace option, a replacement will be sent on receipt of the returned product.
  • If the product was not shipped to you from Advertising Elements, 1775 Scarlet Oak Road, Gilmer, TX 75645, you must contact Customer Service at 1-903-845-5581 (M-F, 9–6 CST) for the correct return address before returning the product.  


Contact Customer Service

If your situation is not listed in this policy or you feel you have unique circumstances, please contact Customer Service at 1-903-845-5581, (M-F, 9-6 CST) or email questions to to discuss your situation.

For products that are damaged in transit please notify the carrier immediately and then contact us at Customer Service 1-903-845-5581, (M-F, 9-6 CST) or email questions to

If you see outward appearances of damage while receiving the goods, you may also choose to refuse delivery and inform Advertising Elements by e-mail at or phone 1-903-845-5581, (M-F, 9-6 CST).

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